Comfort and Insight

Today’s dental technology makes dentistry more effective and more comfortable. Dr. Daren Larsen and Dr. Josh Haslem use the Galileos® Cone Beam to provide a thorough 3D image of your teeth and jaw. The scan is very comfortable and quick, taking only 14 seconds. With the 3D image produced by Galileos® technology, Dr. Larsen and Dr. Haslem can do more than just tell you about your oral health: they can show you just what issues need to be addressed.

Get Better Dental Implant Results with Advanced 3D Imaging

Dental Implants and Galileos® Cone Beam

One of the big advantages of this piece of dental technology is that this 14 second scan gives Drs. Larsen and Haslem the ability to see all of your mouth’s structures, such as the bone and sinuses, to determine the ideal placement of dental implants. This helps ensure that your implants are successful.

Advantages of the Galileos® Cone Beam

  • Speed and comfort – the entire scan takes only 14 seconds
  • Low radiation
  • Provides more accurate images
  • Allows patients to see what the doctors describe
  • Helps produce more effective treatment plans
Galileos Cone Beam CT in Vernal, UT
dental services in Vernal, UT

Reduced Radiation X-Rays

Galileos® technology is a fast 3D x-ray scan. By using one scan for your whole mouth instead of multiple individual x-rays, this process exposes you to less radiation than a typical full mouth series while providing even better results.

Dr. Daren Larsen and Dr. Josh Haslem provide a wide range of dental services in Vernal, UT. We are committed to incorporating advanced dental technology into our practice so that you receive more effective treatments. We use the Galileos® Cone Beam and dental implants to give you as close to a natural-looking replacement tooth as possible. Call us today to receive your appointment.

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