Convenient Care

Advanced dental technology allows today’s patients to maintain and restore their oral health with little inconvenience and even less discomfort. Painful procedures of the past have become faster and minimally-invasive. Dr. Daren Larsen and Dr. Josh Haslem utilize laser dentistry to provide safe and effective periodontal laser procedures with the groundbreaking Deka CO2 dental laser. Call our office to receive your appointment today!

Laser Dentistry Procedures Mean Shorter Appointments and Faster Healing

Minimally-Invasive Periodontal Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease you may be aware of how laser dentistry can help you stop its progression and save your teeth and gums. However, laser dentistry also aids in correcting gingival abnormalities without the need for traditional gum surgery. Without the need for painful scalpels and stitches, periodontal procedures are quicker, less painful and heal more quickly. Using the innovative Deka CO2 dental laser, our doctors are able to perform a wide range of minimally-invasive cosmetic & periodontal procedures.

laser dentistry services in Vernal, UT
laser dentistry services in Vernal, UT

Laser Procedures

  • Gingivectomy – reshape and re-contour gum tissue for cosmetic or functional improvement
  • Frenectomy – correct a lip-tie or tongue-tie to correct speech and breast-feeding issues
  • Biopsies – check for oral cancer at its earliest stages with little to no trauma to the soft tissue
  • Crown Lengthening – fix a gummy smile and remove excess gum tissue for a natural smile line
  • Gum Surgery – stop the progression of periodontal disease to save your teeth and bone

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Minimal bleeding
  • Less inflammation associated with traditional surgeries
  • Quick healing
  • Faster recovery
  • Less need for anesthetic

Dr. Daren Larsen and Dr. Josh Haslem provide their patients with laser dentistry services in Vernal, UT. If you have periodontal disease and would like to learn more about our laser dentistry services call our office today to receive your appointment. We look forward to speaking with you.

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