A Simple Solution for Severe Pain

If you have an infected tooth that is causing you extreme pain, you might think your only option is to get it pulled out. However, there is a good chance your tooth can be saved with root canal therapy. Unfortunately, if you listen to TV and movies, root canal therapy can seem like the worst procedure that you could receive, but that is simply not true anymore. For a comfortable and quick solution to your tooth pain, come see Dr. Daren Larsen and Dr. Josh Haslem – your new general dentists in Vernal, UT.

A Root Canal Can Seem Scary. It Does Not Have to Be.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal becomes necessary when decay or infection becomes so severe that it spreads into the inner layers of your tooth. Infection can lead to total tooth loss, a root canal cleans out the decay and infection to save your tooth.

The Procedure

Dr. Daren Larsen and Dr. Josh Haslem take care to ensure your safety and comfort during the entire procedure. First, a small opening is made in the top of your tooth to gain access to the infected tissue. A tiny dental file cleans out all of the infection, then a special plugging material and filling are placed in the canals of your tooth. Sometimes a small metal post is placed in the filling to restore your tooth’s original strength and a crown is recommended to finish the restoration.

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The Dangers of Ignoring the Infection

If left untreated, the infection or pus in the tooth can travel down the roots and into your jaw bone to form a pus pocket or abscess. The abscess damages the jaw bone and the pressure created is extremely painful and, if left untreated, can even be life threatening. If your tooth is infected, it will only get worse. It is important to seek treatment immediately.

Dr. Daren Larsen and Dr. Josh Haslem lead an amazing team as your new general dentist in Vernal, UT. If you are in pain and think you may need root canal therapy, call our office today to receive your appointment as soon as possible. We look forward to speaking with you.

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